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Private label tea in canada

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Private label tea services

Offer healthy organic teas to your customers.

Are you looking to offer healthy and tasty teas to your employees or to your customers Teazane™ definitely has solutions for you. 

The most consumed beverage in the world (after water)

Tea has been around for almost 5,000 years, and due to its health benefits, convenience, and sustainability, the industry is not expected to slow down. If you’re passionate about tea and its great abilities to soothe, energize, and quench thirst, you may be interested in starting a tea brand or tea a whole tea business of your own.
With the option to sell tea products online, your dream can become a reality with little startup costs.

No matter size of your business or your project, We will listen to your needs and we will assist you in the development of your tea brand.

Let’s create your tea brand

Its never been easier to launch your own tea brand. We will guide you in the selection of the best suitable teas for your needs then we will work on customizing the packaging by applying your logo with a nice label design. 
We have already built custom brands of iced teas, herbal teas and wellness teas for many businesses like coffee shops, restaurants and hotels in Montreal, Canada and we even work with entrepreneurs such as beauty salon owners, or else.

private label tea in canada
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Our tea blends are made of Organic ingredients, Natural flavors, herbs and dried fruits perfectly blended with the finest tea leaves from around the world. Discover the full collection of teas in stock including black teas, oolong, green teas, matcha and iced teas.

*Please be advised that we currently do not do custom blends, our private label program only concerns our in-stock tea blends.

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